Multimedia Artist

Painter, digital artist and transmedia storyteller

I study fine arts at the Universidad Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been honored with the NAtional Fine Arts Fund in Argentina for creating my First 3-piece Art Installation Low Poly Heart, and currently I am a resident artist at the School For Poetic Computation in New York.


Low Poly Heart

Low Poly Heart interactive installation works on the thinking, body and emotions of humans. This installation is a hybrid existence in terms of species, and in terms of cultural project. The work is based on the theory that fear has led us to apply filters every time we build bonds, until they are superficially safe. For this reason, we currently suffer consequences in the coherence of our existence in the world, sentimental disabilities and that create a series of cognitive asymmetries, which gives rise to the term Low Poly Hearts.


3D printed Mechanical hearts beating

In the room there is a table with a mechanical zoetrope. On the circular platform, 12 low poly 3D printed hearts are arranged clockwise and when in movement, generate the optical illusion of a heart beating, with the help of a strobe light. In the background of the room, narrated verses echo reflections.

Biometric Sensor

ShoutOut Beats Xpansion

Electronic device measuring biometric data of the user through a pulse sensor  The display of these beats illuminate the entire room of red. The contraction of the ventricles originate the beats, which range between 70 and 80 per minute in adults, and in more than 100 in children. This number is the same number of times that the user's body will notify a microcontroller that turns on and off the lights in the room, exposing the speed of the user's heartbeat to the rest of the people who visit this immersive experience. The pumping of blood that regularly reaches each and every one of the organs of the human body, now extends to a three-dimensional, immersive space. Zeros and ones, which transform personal involuntary movements into an interactive installation.


Nature Sculptures

Agronomía, Buenos Aires

Flower sculpture made of bamboo at the Agronomía Park,  in collaboration with the artists Stefania Krumkamp, Clara Cicutti and Aylen Larco for Federeico Bacher's sculpture class.

Captura de Pantalla 2019-10-11 a la(s) 0

Teamed up with Madame Gandhi at the SXSW Creative  Hackathon to create an augmented reality app, tested at Madame Gandhi concerts by her fans.


Live Performances

Bright line approaches body in the dark

live drawing for showcase in collaboration with Rebecca Bangerter, Daniela Morone, Gabriela Muollo y curada por Marcela Rapallo.

Live drawing performance

Live drawing performance in collaboration with Vitro Hache in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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